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Sleep problems are probably the main reason for parents getting in touch with me…. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more sleep?

Having supported families for over 18 years, I have a wealth of knowledge regarding different sleep states, sleep cues as well as different sleep methods.

I understand that due to the variety of sleep books available, it can be difficult knowing which method to follow.  No two children are the same. Each is unique, which is why at Happy Parenting each sleep schedule is tailored to you and your child’s needs.  During all my consultations, I ensure you are a 100% happy with any suggestions made and that your child’s needs are being met at all times.

Together we can look at sleep environments, as well as bedtime routines, as these can play a vital part in ensuring a good night’s sleep.

I offer daytime and evening appointments which are a popular choice if both parents wish to be present.  I also offer bespoke sleep packages should you need further support implementing the changes.  Why not get in touch today…….

Bespoke Sleep Packages


After each consultation I will leave you with practical strategies to have a go at, and if needed, a formulated sleep plan. I know that at times it can be difficult to follow these plans and strategies alone. Why not let me help you further ?


After any consultation, if you feel you would like me to help you further I can be available to help you at bedtime and/or through the night.


Bedtime Support Package - Bedtime until Midnight 

I will arrive shortly before you begin your bedtime routine to give your baby/child a chance to get used to me being in their presence. I will then support you as you make these changes towards a good nights sleep. Together we will follow the sleep plan.

I am able to stay until midnight in case your little one decides to wake and you need further support to settle them back to sleep.

Overnight Sleep Package - Bedtime until 6am

As per the bedtime support package I will stay the whole night until 6am supporting you right through to settle your baby/child as needed.

* Please note that for both packages I am there to support/guide you, NOT for me to settle your child. I feel it is important for you as the parent to understand the plan and be in control from the very beginning. Besides, I know I wouldn’t want a stranger to try to settle me to sleep!

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