What is Relax Kids?


Relax Kids was set up in 2001 by Marneta Viegas who noticed a decline in children’s concentration and behaviour.

She saw a way forward in developing children’s relaxation skills using a planned and structured programme.

Relax Kids is a fabulous way for children to begin to understand and manage their emotions. It can help with anxiety, anger, worry etc. and can help build confidence and self esteem. 

The Relax Kids classes include a 7 step system to teach children to feel calm, focused and relaxed.  Classes include dance and movement, drama and relaxation games, stretching, peer massage, breathing, affirmations and mindfulness and visualisations.

Relax Kids is now used in over half a million homes and schools in the UK.

I am delighted to now be offering classes and 1:1 sessions for children aged 2.5 and above (including teens)  I am able to offer family sessions and parenting sessions too, so please do get in touch to enquire about forthcoming classes.

Mobile: 07528 772608 Landline: 01737 832 885 Email: julie@happyparenting.co.uk

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